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Liberty and Justice for ALL 
Est. 2010

The first 200 donations of $100 and above, will have a specific flag designated as yours or to honor someone for the 2023 season.

Donors will receive a map with flag coordinates and a commemorative sticker.

Raise a Flag Bay City is a program of The Jefferson Project, a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization.

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USA Flag

Our Story

In 2009, when Avram Golden's brother Ari Golden was being deployed to the Iraq War, his family planned a going away party. Traveling from Bay City - their childhood home and Avram's permanent residence - and arriving in the small town of Lainsburgh MI where his brother resided, the American Flags that lined the Lainsburgh streets made a visually profound impression on Avram and he immediately determined to organize a similar presence in our town inspired by this family visit. Bay City's Tallship Celebration and Fireworks Festival were coming that next summer which seemed the perfect time to initiate such a project.  So he presented the idea to the Downtown Management Board and completed the approval process with the city of Bay City. In the project’s first year (2010), we proudly mounted 100 flags in historic downtown Bay City and have incrementally expanded the Raise A Flag presence each year.


Even though these high quality flags are carefully removed and stored each Fall, the life-cycle is only two years, so project funding remains ongoing.


If you see a damaged or missing flag, please contact us at TheJeffersonProject

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Community has and will always be the heart of Raise a Flag Bay City

Golden Gallery has been organizing and maintaining Raise a Flag Bay City for 13 years, but this project wouldn't be what it is today without the continued love and support from our community. Individual donations have been the driving force of Raise a Flag Bay City since 2010. We thank you and businesses like Golden Gallery for continuing to support our on-going efforts and encourage you to keep an eye out for more placemaking programs from The Jefferson Project.

Thank You for Supporting Raise a Flag 

Our Top Donors Gave $100 or More in 2023

Chris Chesny
Sandra Paulus
Elizabeth Wielinski
Dorothy K. McAllen
Eric Stasser

Anne Kostus in honor of Thomas Kostus
Elizabeth Wielinski in honor of Tom Wielinski


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