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About The Jefferson Project 501(c)(3)

A creative space to unify artists in our community

"I'm trying to get everybody together to fill what I see as a gap, an innovation center where art, technology, manufacturing, and community come together."

-Avram Golden, founder of The Jefferson Project

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The Jefferson Project is a non-profit, community placemaking initiative whose mission is to provide a connection between art, technology, innovation, and community building, all while preserving and celebrating the local historical significance of architecture and manufacturing in the region.

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Our Vision

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The History of
409 First Street

The building at 409 First Street has been an important part of Bay City history for a long time. Originally built in 1902, the Hammond Seed Company used the space to send out seed orders. The building eventually became Warehouse #3 for the Jennison Hardware Store located at 901 N Water Street. For a few years it served as the Bay City Grocer Company, before finally becoming the base for the Riverside Trucking & Storage Company. In 2021, Golden Gallery owner Avram Golden bought the building and surrounding property to jump-start his vision: The Jefferson Project. While the four-story building on 409 First Street is not yet ready for public use, The Jefferson Project is a plan to remodel the space inside and out to create an art and technology hub in Downtown Bay City.

The Jefferson Project
Board of Directors

Tara Welch - Chair
Jeff Staudacher - Secretary/Treasurer
Sara Clark - Member
Anne Kostus - Member
Fahim Islam - Member

Avram Golden - Executive Director


409 1st Street
Bay City, MI 48706

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