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The Jefferson Project

See how The Jefferson Project will transform Downtown Bay City into an art and technology innovation center.

Here's the Idea:

The Jefferson Project Board

A first-floor manufacturing and industrial space, as well as an outdoor patio and event space.

A second-floor photography studio and display space, with an outdoor balcony for events.

A third-floor innovation and technology lab, complete with 3D printers.

Fourth-floor studio housing for students in the area pursuing a Bachelor of Fine Arts undergraduate degree.

An interactive projection of art on the Bay County Courthouse building.

An outdoor night market lining Jefferson Street, connected to a sculpture park and garden.


"We are confident that the addition of the Jefferson Project will help grow our resources to STEAM programs. By focusing on the arts, manufacturing, 3D printing, and more, we can continue to be a vibrant community that has opportunities for all."

-Tara Welch, Executive Director of Studio23

The Jefferson Project has the support of our community!

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